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fricko unique eurorack modules for DIY
pcb+panel+schematic: US$32.00
pcb+schematic: US$25.00
+ new Deals available

Musician Daniel Riera built a Blip! and shows how it fits in with his need for more organic sounds.

News 4Q 2020!

  • Deal for the Patient: PCBs sent by regular email, for slower but lower shipping cost. Details below…
  • Easier building – the Interactive Component Placement pages help you!

fricko MODULES

  • Waveshape Manipulation
    • Blip! — constant-breadth pulses like electic guitars, oboes, brass, comb filters (similar to Variophon)
    • Shell — waves with 4 or 6 zero-crossings allow dark (but not dull) and rich tones like cello, viola and tenor sax (from Fibonacci sequence)
    • ProPulse — modulates pulse and phase at same time, revolutionizes additive synthesis (from ARP ProSoloist)
    • Rasp — like a wave multiplier but for sawteeth not sine, for bright and sparse sounds
  • Envelope CV Manipulation
    • Blat — allow more assertive dynamics on wind controllers
    • Clean — allow cleaner separation of portato notes from your ADSR – less slushy lines
    • Velocitizer — Add velocity to your envelopes [Not a fricko module, but same designer]
  • Combiners
    • Splice — Combine highs from A with the lows from B: 36db/8ve phase-coherent fixed filter combo
    • Prism — in prototype (alternative combiner based on MinMaxMix diode mixing)
    • The Exaggerator — in prototype
  • Spectrum Manipulation
    • Vox H. — Vox Humana resonator with adjustable formants (from PolyMoog Keyboard)
    • Sharpen — in prototype (resonators from ARP ProSoloist)
    • Tilt — in prototype
  • Passive Level Manipulation
    • Pads — Signal too hot? Preset level and range without knockable panel controls
    • Fix — MIDI CVs too hot? Preset level and range without knockable panel controls
    • Tame — awaiting release (opto limiter with distortion)
    • Duck — awaiting release (opto sidechain ducker)

Blip! Waveshaper  Shell Waveshaper  Clean Envelope Generator  Rasp Waveshaper

One Price: USD $33.00
($26 no panel)

AUD $45  ($35)  GBP £24-50 (£19.00)
(add tracked postage)

Deal for the Patient: (PCBs only) buy one or two PCBs and we will send by regular mail (North America, EU, UK, only). Cheaper but slower, and not tracked.

Triple Deal: Pay USD $99 for three PCB + Panel combos incl. postage!

Quad Deal: pay USD $99 for four PCBs incl. postage!

How to order? See Pricing and Purchasing.
Where to order? See Contact.

What you will get: 1 x PCB (unpopulated), 1x panel (PCB material), schematics. See each product page for explanatory info and BOM.


A message from the designer: Looking Backwards is not the only Possibility!

  • Unique functions inspired by advances in the physics and measurement of musical sounds, not available elsewere: insights used by digital synthesis now applied to analogue!
  • New ideas, new designs, new takes, new patches, new sounds! See below for links to the product pages, engineering and build information.
  • Friendly on rack space: 4HP and/or 6 HP panels and 30 to 70 mm deep!
  • Convenient for DIYers: assemble in a single evening, through-hole, reasonable space between components, test points, no expensive or rare parts, all analogue.
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