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fricko unique eurorack modules for DIY!
pcb+panel+schematic: US $25.00
+ discount express tracked post for orders of 3 or more

fricko MODULES

Blip! Waveshaper  Shell Waveshaper  Clean Envelope Generator  Rasp Waveshaper

  • Waveshape Manipulation
    • Blip! — constant-breadth pulses like electic guitars, oboes, brass, comb filters
      • similar to Variophon waveshaping (sometimes incorrectly called “formant”)
    • Shell — waves with 4 or 6 zero-crossings allow dark and rich tones like cello, viola and tenor sax
      • originally designed for harmonics in Fibonacci sequence
    • ProPulse — modulates pulse and phase at same time,
      • from ARP ProSoloist, for non-phase-aligned waves to mix
    • Rasp — like a wave multiplier but for sawteeth not sine, for bright and sparse sounds
  • Envelope CV Manipulation
    • Blat — allow more assertive dynamics on wind controllers
    • Clean — allow cleaner separation of portato notes from your ADSR
      • less slushy lines with more singing character.
    • Velocitizer — Adding velocity to your envelopes is now so cheap and easy
  • Combiners
    • Splice — Combine highs from A with the lows from B
      • 36db/8ve phase-coherent fixed filter combo
    • Prism — Alternative combiner based on MinMaxMix diode mixing
      • unbalanced frequency mixer, like gentler ring modulation:
  • Spectrum Manipulation
    • Vox H. — Vox Humana resonator with adjustable formants
      • from PolyMoog Keyboard
    • Sharpen — Resonators from ARP ProSoloist
      • Status: Test unit built pending evaluation
    • Tilt — Triple noise generators with Quad-style “tilt” equalization
      • Status: Test unit built pending evaluation
  • Passive Level ManipulationBuy One Get One Free!
    • Duck — Dual passive opto sidechain limiter (ducker)
    • Tame — Quad passive optical limiter for waves
      • Recommended as companion for Shell module.
    • Pads — Is your signal too hot?
      • Preset level and range without knockable panel controls
    • Fix — MIDI CVs too hot?
      • Preset level and range without knockable panel controls.
  • Other
    Contact if interested.
    • Low Dropout Regulator Board
    • Front Panel for Octex MIDI to CV board
      • Translucent! Don’t waste all the Octex blinkenlights.
    • Version of MyRefC ChipAmp PCB

Price per Set: USD $25.00

How to order? See Pricing and Purchasing.
Where to order? See Contact.

US $
Euro €
[n.b. add VAT 20%]
[n.b. add VAT 20%]
[n.b. GST included]
(AU/NZ/South Pacific only)
1 (incl. standard tracked @$US25*)50443735
2 (incl. standard tracked @$US25*)75665570
3 (incl. express tracked @$US15)908066 105
4 (incl. express tracked fr $US15)115 101 85 140
5 (incl. express tracked @$US15)140 123103 175
6 (incl. express tracked @$US15)165 145121210
PCB/Panel/Schematic Price as of Jan 23, 2022
*Upgrade to express tracked post: add US$10

33% price/postage discount for PCB-Only (no panel)

How to order? See Pricing and Purchasing.
Where to order? See Contact.



  • Price drop!
    • Standard price: USD $25
    • Free post to Oceana (AU, NZ, Oceana)

3Q/4Q 2021

  • Aussie dollar strong: price and postage decrease!
    • Standard price: USD $30

2Q 2021

  • White-face 4HP Shell panel in Aluminium in stock:
  • Prism Combiner released
  • Special for Apri/May/June: orders over $US 90 get free postage: 4 sets actually cheaper than 3 sets!

1Q 2021

  • Duck and Tame quad passive optical ducker (side chain limiter) and limiter (self-limiter) released! Detailed section on making the special DIY Vactrols now added
  • Splice Combiner: alternative component values for bass/baritone
  • Price drop! Australian dollar too strong: standard price is dropping from AU$45 to AU$42 = US$32

4Q 2020

What you will get: 1 x PCB (unpopulated), 1x panel (PCB material), schematics. See each product page for explanatory info and BOM.

Yes we are open for business in 2021!

Customer Showcase

Engineer Jeff Hopkins built fricko Splice, Shell and Blip! modules.
He explains his rig, and his fabulous custom wind controller, a long-term project.
Innovator Mark Steiner wants to make real analog modular sounds available polyphonically.
Check out his NuRad wind controller! (…and the fricko Shell and Blip! modules)
Musician Daniel Riera built a fricko Blip! and shows how it fits in with his need for more organic sounds with his EWI.


A message from the designer: Looking Backwards is not the only Possibility!

  • Unique functions inspired by advances in the physics and measurement of musical sounds, not available elsewere: insights used by digital synthesis now applied to analogue!
  • New ideas, new designs, new takes, new patches, new sounds! See below for links to the product pages, engineering and build information.
  • Friendly on rack space: 4HP and/or 6 HP panels and 30 to 70 mm deep!
  • Convenient for DIYers: assemble in a single evening, through-hole, reasonable space between components, test points, no expensive or rare parts, all analogue.

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