Phase/Pulse Audio Waveshaper Mixer

The ARP Pro-soloist has never been replicated for modular systems – its circuits are just too strange and leftfield. But fricko ProPulse Waveshaper Mixer now captures and takes further the arcane but brilliant Pro-Soloist waveshaper: by carefully analysing the logic circuits, we found a way to create their pulse waves (and others!) using standard analog circuitry.

ProPulse also provides the multiple (saw, mix, pulse) outputs needed for the two-path processing that is the essense of the ProSoloist architecture and superposition synthesis.

Physical: 6HP wide, 70 mm deep. (MOTM power connector installable)

Power (Current): +12V: 60mA, -12V: 40mA, +5V NA.

Status: IN STOCK
EU and UK customers: the Rev 0 PCBs are not ROHS compliant. Contact us if you are interested in one.

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