Vox H.

Famous Fixed Resonators with a Twist

The Vox Humana preset of the 1975 Moog Polymoog Keyboard featured a unique set of resonators designed to enhance the chorus effect and give the effect of several distinct instruments. Vox H. is faithful to this circuit, but with knobs F1 and F2 which control the resonance (and strength, and very slightly the frequency) of the two main formants. Most importantly, it has a Mix knob to mix in the dry signal.

Basic patch for Vox H

Note that the Vox H. is not a parametric or graphic equalizer. Also please note that Vox H uses the same Sallen-Key LPFs as the PolyMoog design, and that this is a different technology to the one used elsewhere in other Polymoog fixed and variable resonators.


To get the classic Vox Humana setting, turn the F1 knob (Formant # 1) fully anti-clockwise (i.e. 7 o’clock) for a low resonance and the F2 knob (Formant #2) fully clockwise for a high resonance. Then adjust the the Mix knob depending on whether you want the bright tone (e.g. Numan Cars) or the dark tone (e.g.). Use a bright sound with a lot of animation as the input. Don’t forget you can use it with plucked sounds too: as Kraftwerk did with Home Computer.

Audio Examples:

A virtual synth “Phased Solina” through the Vox H. Resonators module.
First 30 seconds is dry, second 30 seconds is resonators “bright”; then60 secs resonators “dark” and some fiddling.
(The compression on this audio seems to cause some cutting in and out. Grrrr. Will redo.)
  • Car Friends Pour Moi: demonstration of the prototype. The delivered version has a smoother response without the oscillations, following the original more. However, rougher versions such as the example can be constructed using different resistor values. (If the media does not work, try logging in at Electro-music.com.)

Technical: Three Sallen-Key low-pass filters, of different frequencies and resonance, in parallel, gives an effect that is not quite vocal.

Power (Current): +12V: 45mA, -12V: 45mA, +5V NA.

Physical: 4 HP, 40mm.


More Info:

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