Dynamic Waveshaper for Envelope Generator

(Kits and built modules for the Velocitizer design are available from Elby Designs, which has no connection or monetary/sponsorship arrangement with fricko. Velocitizer is a public domain design by the same designer as the fricko products. We recommend that it becomes a standard part of your base patch, between the ADSR and VCA, so that you can have great dynamics without having to sacrifice other modules or need complex adjustments.)

Distorts an incoming signal in ways depending on a control voltage. Make your ADSR Envelope Generator velocity sensitive: but in a more interesting and natural way than just using a multiplier or VCA.

A low velocity note follows the ADSR input but with slightly softer curves.

A medium velocity note follows the lower part of the ADSR input but limits the upper portion.

A high velocity note exagerates and thickens the peak.

Other uses? The Velocitizer works with audio signals and control voltages into both ENV and VEL inputs: so it can also be used as kind of unlinear two-quadrant multiplier, such as for Amplitude Modulation (AM) waveshaping effects, LFO fading, chorus animator, or a distorting VCA.

Audio Examples:

Some of these may require you to log into the website to get access.

Physical: 4HP wide, 30 mm deep, 10 pin power socket.

Status: Currently (mid 2019) available from Elby Designs, as a kit or built module for Eurorack or banana plug system.

More Info:

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